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Sigma Griplock CRCU 550 SD TMT Bars: The Future of Strong, Sustainable Construction

At Sigma Griplock, we’re revolutionizing construction with the CRCU 550 SD TMT bar. This innovative product isn’t just strong, it’s a testament to intelligent engineering and sustainable practices. Here’s why the CRCU 550 SD TMT bar is the perfect choice for your next project:

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Unveiling the Power of Micro-alloys

The CRCU 550 SD TMT bar goes beyond the ordinary. It incorporates a unique blend of micro-alloys, including chromium and copper. These elements work synergistically to elevate the bar’s overall performance. Chromium enhances strength, ductility, and weldability, crucial for enduring structures. Copper, on the other hand, bolsters corrosion resistance, making the CRCU 550 SD ideal for coastal areas and high-moisture environments

Superior Corrosion Resistance

Unlike regular TMT bars, the CRCU 550 SD boasts exceptional corrosion resistance. The combined effects of chromium and the unique manufacturing process create a protective barrier that shields the bar from rust and deterioration. This ensures the long-term integrity of your structure, even when exposed to harsh weather conditions, salty air, or high levels of moisture.

Earthquake Resistance

Building safety is paramount, especially in earthquake-prone regions. The CRCU 550 SD TMT bar offers exceptional earthquake resistance. Its superior ductility allows it to bend and absorb seismic energy without compromising structural integrity. This translates to peace of mind for you, knowing your building can withstand significant seismic activity.

Building Smarter, Saving More

The CRCU 550 SD TMT bar isn’t just about exceptional performance; it’s a smart economic choice. Its high strength-to-weight ratio allows you to use 15-20% fewer bars compared to regular TMT bars while maintaining the required structural strength. This translates to significant cost savings on materials and translates to a more efficient construction process. Additionally, the long-lasting nature of the CRCU 550 SD TMT bar minimizes the need for future repairs and replacements, leading to further cost savings throughout your structure’s lifespan.

High Load Bearing Capacity

The CRCU 550 SD TMT bar’s exceptional high load-bearing capacity opens doors for ambitious and complex architectural designs. Architects and engineers can envision bolder projects, confident that the foundation can support their creative vision. Whether it’s a multi-story building, a heavy-duty bridge, or a structure with intricate details, the CRCU 550 SD TMT bar provides the strength and stability to make it a reality.

Heavy load bearing capacity

Superior Ductility & Bendability

The CRCU 550 SD TMT bar offers exceptional earthquake resistance due to its superior ductility and bendability. This allows the bar to absorb and dissipate seismic energy by bending without compromising structural integrity. It’s this flexibility that provides peace of mind in earthquake-prone regions.

Building a Sustainable Future

At Sigma Griplock, we are committed to environmental responsibility. The CRCU 550 SD TMT bar is manufactured using eco-friendly processes, minimizing environmental impact. By choosing this product, you’re not just building a strong and sustainable structure, you’re contributing to a greener future for generations to come.

Superior Strength

Z design ribs provide higher surface area grip between cement and TMT bars helps transfer loads from the concrete to the steel reinforcement

Higher Ductility

Minimized Sulphur & Phosphorus composition gives extra ductility and bend-ability to Sigma Griplock TMT Bars

Earthquake Resistant

In the event of an earthquake, the grip between the cement and TMT bars helps resist lateral forces and keep the structure stable

Corrosion Resistant

that withstands harsh weather and high-moisture environments.

Cost Saving

with reduced material consumption and minimized maintenance needs.

Superior Weldability

In the event of an earthquake, the grip between the cement and TMT bars helps resist lateral forces and keep the structure stable


Best in Class Physical and Chemical Properties

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