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At Sigma Griplock, we provide expert construction consultancy services to assist you at every step of your construction project. Our knowledgeable team offers valuable advice and support, whether you’re building a home, office, or industrial site. We help you make smart choices, improve your processes, and guarantee the safety and durability of your project. With our commitment to innovation and quality, you can rely on Sigma Griplock for a smooth and successful construction experience

Ar. Devendra Singh Chauhan

At Sigma Griplock, we believe steel is more than just a material; it’s a canvas for shaping dreams. And who better to wield this artistic strength than a visionary architect like Devendra Singh Chauhan? With 5 years of experience sculpting steel into stunning realities, Devendra brings a government-certified expertise to every project, ensuring both architectural brilliance and unwavering safety.

Experience and Expertise

Devendra’s journey began with a passion for crafting spaces that inspire and uplift. This dedication has led him to master his craft across diverse projects, from government initiatives to private endeavors. Schools, hospitals, and majestic structures stand as testaments to his versatility. His recent triumph in the GOMP competition, a prestigious Madhya Pradesh government recognition, is a testament to his exceptional talent.

Design Philosophy

Sustainability, innovation, and a human-centric approach are the cornerstones of Devendra’s design philosophy. He believes steel, with its innate strength and flexibility, allows him to create structures that not only stand tall but also breathe life into communities. “Steel bridges gaps, not just physical ones, but those between us and our dreams,” he often says.

Featured Projects

DI Education Centre Delhi: Devendra’s expertise in utilizing Sigma Griplock TMT Bars shines in this awe-inspiring [project type]. Its sustainable design and innovative use of steel have garnered widespread acclaim.

SPSS Hospital: This Hospital stands as a beacon of hope, built with the resilience of Sigma Griplock and Devendra’s unwavering commitment to creating safe and accessible spaces.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Devendra’s collaborative spirit has seen him partner with some of India’s leading construction companies. These collaborations not only push the boundaries of steel-based architecture but also ensure the highest quality and efficiency in every project.

The future of architecture, for Devendra, lies in harnessing the full potential of steel while prioritizing sustainability and community well-being. He envisions a world where buildings not only stand tall but also nurture the dreams within them.

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